Our Commitment

We are committed to our client companies to serve as a retained or contingency recruitment partner. We have utmost confidence in being able to partner with HR departments in sourcing, matching and placing the best possible fit to the organization. While we are sure that our placements will serve our clients well, we guarantee our obligation to make sure that the new talent hired will be totally satisfactory. This will give our clients the time to put the new hire to test and be assured that they will be a high value contributor.

Our commitment extends to serving as a HR Consultant with creative on-boarding programs which will assure new employees being settled in their position in a timely manner, surpassing our client’s expectation of productivity and teamwork.

  • Effectively designed new employee kits, handbooks, forms and letters of employment or independent contractor agreements.
  • Innovative Multi-Level Orientation programs.
  • Establishment of “Welcome Tradition” in your organization.
  • Introductory Period evaluation, and performance review management systems.

Furthermore, our clients can take advantage of more than twenty years experience in our Human Resources Consulting Services spanning TACTICAL, OPERATIONAL, or STRATEGIC areas.